Month: October 2017

Flooding and Water Damage In Central Texas

Water Damage Is An Emergency

Water damage is one of the most destructive forces that can invade your Austin home or business. Water damage causes thousands of dollars in damage in Austin Ever year. If your home or place of business has endured this kind of damage, you need professional water damage restoration immediately, and ATEX Water Damage Restoration is the best source for 24/7 emergency response in Austin and the surrounding area. If you have suffered a flood or water damage incident in your home or business chances are one of their three locations is close to your neighborhood and can quickly respond to your emergency call.

Water Restoration Done Right the First Time

When you are faced with a water damage incident in your home or business, it must be dealt with immediately. Left untreated, standing water can cause severe damage, as well as provide the perfect environment for mold and other toxins to flourish. We know mold and toxins will begin to grow over time if water restoration, or water extraction, is done improperly. We provide the following services.

    • • Water damage extraction and drying services
    • • Sewage damage clean up and sanitation
    • • Flood cleanup and restoration services
    • • Residential and commercial damage restoration
    • • Fire Damage Restoration
    • • Mold Remediation

Our People are Highly Trained and Experienced

ATEX Water Damage Restoration offers the emergency water extraction services you need. In addition to water damage restoration, our company also can provide fire damage restoration, Sewage cleanup, and mold remediation.

Has your Home or Business Been Flooded?

Flash floods are the common natural disaster in the Austin area, and they cost millions of dollars in damage every year. Our Technicians are trained and experienced in flood cleanup operations, such as water extraction, mold removal, and water damage restoration. We make sure the extraction of water complete and the areas are completely dry. We work to minimize your costs. We do everything possible to reduce your chances of developing a mold problem. It is imperative that furniture and carpet are also dried and disinfected to prevent microbial growth from occurring. Personal property has a greater chance of survival if it is treated quickly. immediately. Most importantly, to avoid electric shock all electrical components that may have been soaked by water MUST be attended to immediately. Our Technicians have years of experience restoring homes and businesses in the Austin community. We are available 24/7 and can have an Austin water damage technician out to your home within the hour.